Book Weyr was founded by Arati Devasher on 12 February 2012. She asked her friends, prolific readers Samir Krishnamurti and Maya Chandrasekaran if they would join her in reviewing the books they liked from the multitude they read in order to expand the range of genres Book Weyr offered. Arati’s aunt, Geetha Kulkarni, first joined as a guest author, but was so regular in her posts that she is now a full-fledged reviewer.

Why are we called Book Weyr?
‘Weyr’ is derived in homage to Anne McCaffrey’s novels of Pern, denoting both a collection of dragons, their riders and support staff as well as their living quarters. So, Book Weyr is a collection of books and book-related people – reviewers and readers, authors and characters – as well as a repository for reviews.


Our main reviewers include the three founding members of Book Weyr.


Arati Devasher

“To be honest, I’ve always been a bookworm. So I’ve turned my love of books into a design career that I enjoy.”

A book designer, Arati has always enjoyed books and the world of imagination that they open up. She is extremely accident-prone, due entirely to absent-mindedness caused by thinking about books and their contents, instead of paying attention to what she’s actually supposed to be doing. She reads multiple books simultaneously, and her choices range from cookbooks and design manuals to fantasy, crime and Regency romances. She lives and works in London, UK at www.aratidevasher.com.


Maya Chandrasekaran

“I’m a confessed bookaholic, but haven’t had the nerve (or ingenuity) to make a career out of that. So I do the next best thing – I spend my free time reading, buying, borrowing and discussing books… and books about books.”

Like Arati, Maya always has three books going at the same time – a different book for every mood. She loves exploring new authors, but every now and then she sinks back into the comfort of old favourites like murder mysteries and Regency romances. A corporate butterfly, Maya lives and works in Bangalore, India.


Samir Krishnamurti

“Bibliophilia, or more realistically Bookaholism runs in my genetic make-up. I’ve grown up being read to, reading, and surrounded by books.”

Based primarily in New Delhi, India, Samir has variously been a professional musician, a pub quiz host, and a student of history and international relations. He currently works for the Government of India as a Intelligence Analyst and is also a freelance researcher and consultant, having worked in Bhutan, for a McKinsey-IBM start-up, a graphic novel publisher, and Oxford University Press, among others. He is always looking for new ideas to research and new avenues to explore. He can be contacted at samirkrishnamurti@gmail.com


Geetha Kulkarni

“Books have entertained me, kept me company, taught me, counselled me, introduced me to wonderful people… what else can one ask of a best friend?”

Geetha`s love of books began when she was a child. She later turned that love into formal education with a Masters in English Literature and then again into a career for a few years, teaching English at Ethiraj and Fergusson Colleges in India. Though her career took her into the computer industry, Geetha has continued to read both individually as well as part of a book club in Newmarket, Canada where she lives.

Guest reviewers

Guest reviewers are friends and family, given the facts that they are also bookworms, and that their reading interests are different from those of the main reviewers… we like variety. Please contact us if you would like to do a guest review.

Dhruv Devasher

“When I was three, there was a cupboard high on the wall in my room, in which were stored over a hundred books and comics – Ali Baba’s cave without the financial independence/robber chiefs.”

Precarious acts of balance and climbing notwithstanding, Dhruv’s passion for reading has continued, though it now encompasses a variety of genres beyond Gimlet and Mandrake. Having recently acquired a Kindle, he is proceeding to re-read many treasured classics, along with “boring” non-fiction titles on lean management and the occasional volume of poetry. When not reading, he can be found working as a process consultant in London, UK, playing golf (badly), or playing Dance Dance Revolution (also badly, but it’s amusing for onlookers).

Dhati Holohan

“I like books, possibly more than I like people – I’ve certainly known enough of both and though my sample may be skewed, I’m pretty sure the books are winning.”

Dhati has been a voracious reader ever since she realised a few things – first, that books are fun, interesting and lovable. Second, that the people in them are even more so. Third, that people will generally leave you alone if you have your nose stuck in one – a book that is, not a person. Her other interests include sales and marketing, video games, experimental cooking, redheads and Texas hold ’em. She currently lives in London, UK and really really wishes she had a cat.

Ram Subramanyam retired from the Indian Army as a Lt General and now has plenty of leisure time to read in Pune, India. His interests include fiction as well as a range of non-fiction including golf, armed forces, current affairs, and more.



Ibar Murphy works in risk management and lives in London, UK with large piles of books and crates of beer.